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“Tricia has provided me with success coaching for my life and businesses. Where she really excels is in helping me to see things that I cannot see. She has provided insight that has helped me identify patterns of mindset and behavior and has coached me through improving those areas so that I can get a different and better outcome. She is respectful warm, but she keeps it real and that’s what makes her effective. I work with her regularly and as a result I have seen massive shifts and accelerated growth in my businesses, as well as improvements in key areas of my life such as family, relationship, finances and a variety of personal goals. Overall I feel a deeper sense of fulfillment and joy.” 

~Debra P.

What if you really could have it all?

You were born to live your authentic life – the life that is in alignment with your highest self, your true self. And when you live that authentic life, you will create true wealth. True wealth is not just financial wealth. It is also creating a life you love – a life that feels good, a life that lights you up. It is living your purpose. It is having relationships that are supportive and loving. It is having good health and vitality. When you live your authentic life, all of these things are possible for you. So ask yourself:

What does my authentic life look like?
How can I start living it today?

Wheel of Life

I encourage you do check in and quiet the mind and then write down how you feel about each one of these areas of life. This is the framework of spiritual psychology entrepreneur coaching.


The True Awakening

We all want to be authentic and live our lives emanating from our true selves, but sometimes it can be difficult to stay connected to our highest selves amidst the chaos of the outer world. It’s easy to get caught up and forget what we’re really here for. However, it’s important to remember that we have control over how much our inner world is affected by the outer world. We can choose to let external influences determine how we feel, or we can stay centered in our authentic selves and live our lives according to our highest purpose. When we do the latter, we can weather any storm and maintain our inner peace regardless of what’s happening around us.

About Me

I’m an entrepreneur at heart, and I love empowering other entrepreneurs through personal and business development. My businesses all share a common message: to help people live out their purpose. I’m an author and a speaker. I also own a website and branding agency. I love building community, and I believe that when we come together as entrepreneurs, we can change the world.